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Invest in VC funds

Get in front of Europe's top venture fund managers

Access the highest potential European VC funds

Many venture capital funds claim to be able to generate the super-normal returns that have been obtained by the upper decile group of their peers, by investing in Europe's most promising early-stage companies.

It's difficult to sift through the numbers of firms actively fundraising at any one time. At Mountside Ventures, we work directly with VCs as part of our work advising entrepreneurs on raising their own funding rounds, which puts us in a unique position to be able to put you in front of those fund managers we believe are at the top of their game.

The Funding Venture Initiatives

The Capital Behind Venture Report

Over the summer, we launched a survey aimed at collecting insights from Limited Partners and Family Offices who invest in the next generation of European Venture Capital funds.

The report is now available.

Download the report here to compare notes on how over 60 other Limited Partners are investing in VC funds, and how they assess opportunities.

The Funding Venture Conference 2023

Each year, we put on a gathering in Central London exclusively for Limited Partners and Family Offices interested in investing in the next generation of VC fund managers.


You will have the opportunity to meet like-minded investors and connect with a curated group of 20 of the next generation of European VCs raising their next fund.


The day starts with presentations followed by a programme of panel discussions, curated round tables and networking opportunities with like-minded investors. We are grateful to the BVCA for their support.

If you have invested in VCs before, or you are interested in investing in them, you are welcome to join us on 10th October 2023 in Soho, London, by signing up below.

It is free to attend.

Our Limited Partner and Family office community

Join our community of Limited Partners and Family Offices interested in investing in Venture Capital funds. We regularly host roundtables, dinners, and community events to discuss recent trends in the industry, network, and exchange industry insights. They are free to attend.

The team curates high-impact events to connect venture capital firms and Limited Partners in a collaborative environment with some great thought leadership. LPs often struggle to find the quality segment of the emerging manager universe, so these events are very efficient for investors of all kinds. If you are an LP looking to access European VC I recommend you get to know Jonathan and his team!

Joe Schorge

Managing Partner

Isomer Capital

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