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150 VCs with fresh capital in the last 6 months

Updated: Sep 25

Nearly all venture capital funds have announced that they are open for business (Source: 99% of VC LinkedIn posts in the last 2 months). But does this mean they are all continuing to deploy capital?

Want to go straight to the list? Click here. Otherwise, keep reading for more info.

Deal volume has fallen by 50% month on month from c. 800 deals in April 2019 to c. 400 deals in April 2020 (Source: Beauhurst). Given this dramatic fall and the seemingly open for business VCs, entrepreneurs are right to be confused. It's difficult to decipher which funds are actually still deploying capital and which funds are simply open for exploratory zoom calls and building a relationship with you, with a view to investing in at least 6-9 months time.

Here are some factors to consider:

  1. Has the investor recently raised its own fund?

  2. Has the fund recently announced an investment (in the last 4 weeks)?

  3. How impacted are its portfolio companies? i.e. are the majority of its portfolio companies in sectors most impacted by the current climate?

  4. How far through is the fund in its deployment cycle?

  5. How impacted are its Limited Partners (it's own investors) in the current climate and therefore how likely are they not be able to honour their draw down requests (i.e. do they have the cash to provide to the VC to fund your startup when asked for it)

Some of the answers to these questions are difficult to decipher without asking the fund directly. For example, it's unlikely that you will be engaging with the funds' investors and researching a fund's portfolio takes time.

Other factors are more accessible and we've compiled two lists to help you get started. You can find a list of European VC funds that have recently raised their own funds, as well as investors that have recently deployed capital into UK-based startups HERE.

If you're interested in this area, you can view a webinar I ran discussing which VCs are actually active and how best to approach them here:

If you're looking to raise your next round of funding, don't hesitate to get in touch with one of the team at Mountside Ventures.

We have a number of other resources on our site. For example, how to pitch to investors remotely, as well as what to consider when engaging investors for your institutional round.

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