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Are you ready for Series A investment from a Venture Capital firm?

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

Are you ready?

Raising investor capital means being answerable to other people, and losing much of your independence. You need to be prepared to relinquish control over some decision-making impacting your company such as its direction, governance and operation.

The style and intrusiveness of investors may lead to further pains down the road, yet, obtaining VC money is also a first step towards an exit or IPO, where you’ll need to deal with much more stringent due diligence and regulatory transparency requirements.

OK, but is your business ready?

✓ You have proven that what you’ve built works via product-market fit

✓ You have a compelling growth story to date and an even bigger vision for the future, including a clear international strategy

✓ A cash injection will generate over 10-20x returns in 3 years

✓ Your addressable market is > £500m and there is an opportunity to take advantage of it

✓ You work in an un-crowded space and you can sell your product against real competition (the existence of well funded competitors is often a reason for rejection)

✓ You have a committed team who are sufficiently incentivised to make the business a success

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