Free fundraising accelerators for pre-seed and seed startups.

We run Europe's leading Investor Readiness Programmes.

These programmes are targeted at pre-seed and seed companies looking to raise external funding in the next 3 to 12 months.

Our accerator programmes are typically funded by corporates, VCs or government organisations and so are completely free of charge to startups.

Get funded

Our team has decades of experience delivering the top accelerator programmes across Europe

accelerator programmes delivered across all technology sectors
companies supported on their investor readiness & funding strategies

Programme Overview...

Kick off & exploring types of investors
Presenting your value proposition & constructing your pitch deck
Financial modelling & KPI analysis
Valuation methodologies
Term sheets, negotiation strategy & due dilligence
Investor office hours & 1:1 coaching

Our goal is to equip founders with the tools and the know-how to optimise their fundraising process.

Our next Investor Readiness Programmes will be delivered alongside Funding London, and funded by the UK government through the UK Shared Prosperity Fund.

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Get access to our library of fundraising templates and resources.
Pitch deck

Put your best foot forward for your send-out deck and first investor meeting leveraging our killer pitch deck template and guidance.

Elevator pitch

Nail your networking and 'BBQ test' - learn how to articulate what you do and why you do it.

Investor FAQs

Why wait until an investor has asked you queries before preparing the answers? We've got you covered - use our FAQ template to get your initial queries answered, before they're asked.

Cap table

Template to populate with your diligence ready, round-by-round, equity structures.

Financial model

Template and guidance notes on setting up the financial model and presenting the key revenue and expense drivers to show your value proposition in the best light.

Data room

Checklist on the key areas to populate within the data room in advance of signing a term sheet.

Investor updates

How to compose investor email updates during the fundraising process to keep your target investors warm, and best practices on how to keep your shareholders updated post-investment.

See what people have to say
I really enjoyed being part of the cohort. As a female founder, I found the wealth of knowledge and experience delivered by the team unparalleled. Future Founders will be very fortunate to participate.
Chanella Buck
CEO, OnBeaute
This programme is like being given the cheat-codes to VC fundraising. I wish we'd done it a year ago!
Richard Campagna
COO, 55Redefined
Amazing content. Probably the most in-depth startup funding programme available.
Austin Tasker
CEO, The Cirkel
Perfectly pitched for start-ups beginning their journey to investment - it didn't shy away from the brutal realities of raising capital but made you feel well equipped with lessons and tools from real pros to go into battle. Would definitely recommend!
Liz Laurence
CEO, MaryR
If you're looking for a programme to 'get investment ready' then look no further. I can't recommend this workshop enough - it is hands down the most informative and comprehensive fundraising workshop I have completed and has made a material difference to JUX's fundraising journey.
Anna Wood
I would highly recommend this to anyone thinking of joining the workshop. The information and support received from Mountside Ventures Team is priceless and the Team brings a huge range of valuable experience in start-ups, pitching and Fundraising. I feel lucky to have been part of this cohort.
Prity Agarwal
CEO, Your Mojo
This is a must if you are looking to fund raise. The 6 week program will save you months.
Jack Clegg
CEO, Platter
The Investment Ready programme is like nothing I've come across before. It's a crash course on every step of the fundraising journey targeted at UK startups, provided by experts who are fully plugged in to the investment landscape. I would recommend it to any Founder no matter what stage they are at.
Aadit Shankar
CEO, Atcha
The Investment Ready Programme is incredibly informative & the team are very knowledgable, friendly & approachable. Would definitely recommend!
Felicity Colette
CEO, Editorielle
The IRP is highly valuable is you are about to switch on fundraising mode and need the best insight into the investment world, how deals are structures, investor mindsets and how to ensure you are best prepared to close your round.
Rich Dawes
CEO, Nolea Health