Deploy and raise
funds more efficiently.

We appraise thousands of businesses to bring you high-potential, investor ready, and relevant investment opportunities.

We also support the best emerging General Partners in raising their next fund from our network of Limited Partners & Family Offices.

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Funding Venture Conference

Each year, we put on a gathering in London for Limited Partners and Family Offices interested in meeting 20 of the next generation of VC fund managers.

The day involves a programme of panel discussions, curated round tables and networking opportunities with like-minded investors.

It is invite-only and free to attend.

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We appraise 1000s of businesses to bring you high-potential investment opportunities

High potential

and ambitious scale-ups from across Europe, leveraging our:

  • experience in appraising 1000s of businesses;

  • reach, through our network of trusted partners, industry experts and seed funds; and

  • rigorous selection process.


companies who have graduated from our accelerator programmes, and have prepared detailed investor documents, reviewed by us, to expedite your investment decision.


to your specific investment criteria. Our objective is to get every introduction right, every time.

How we can optimise your own fundraise

Opportunities to meet Family Offices and Limited Partners at our Funding Venture conference in London.
Publishing our fundings on the VC <> LP ecosystem, such as the Capital Behind Venture and Fund of Fund reports.
Provide best-in-class guidance on fundraising for emerging fund managers.
Organise intimate Family Offices workshops on specific themes and areas of interest.
See what people have to say
Mountside Ventures' events are a veritable feast of quality, from the stellar lineup of participants to the impeccable arrangements. After a string of less-than-stellar experiences with other LP-GP gatherings, I'm strongly considering an exclusive RSVP policy for Mountside's invitations.
Lasse Lehtinen
General Partner, Icebreaker VC
Working with Mountside Ventures is awesome. We love the transparency they bring, and on top of that, they always have great dealflow!
Maxence Drummond
Principal, Breega
We see a lot of high quality businesses from Mountside, with management teams that are well prepared for an investment process and well advised on investor selection and Term Sheet negotiation. There’s the added bonus of Mountside being a great group of people!
Roshan Puri
Investment Director, YFM
The Mountside team understand the ecosystem well, give sage and well grounded advice and are very well connected.
Richard Anton
General Partner, Oxx