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Invest in startups

Invest and drive growth

In the most promising European companies.

We appraise 1000s of businesses to bring you high-potential investment opportunities

High-potential and ambitious startups and scale-ups from across Europe leveraging our:

  • experience in appraising 1000s of businesses;

  • reach, through our network of trusted partners, industry experts and seed funds; and

  • rigorous selection process.

Investor-ready companies who have graduated from our

Next Round Programme, and have prepared detailed investor documents, reviewed by us, to expedite your investment decision.

Relevant companies that fit your specific investment criteria.


Our objective is to get every introduction right, every time.

We have a track record of supporting VC-backed companies.

Get in touch and see how we can help your portfolio.

Working with Mountside Ventures is awesome. We love the transparency they bring, and on top of that, they always have great dealflow!

Maxence Drummond,


We see a lot of high quality businesses from Mountside, with management teams that are well prepared for an investment process and well advised on investor selection and Term Sheet negotiation. There’s the added bonus of Mountside being a great group of people!”

Roshan Puri,


The Mountside team understand the ecosystem well, give sage and well grounded advice and are very well connected

Richard Anton


Raise as a VC

It's not just startups that Raise

The majority of capital that is invested in European startups comes from Venture Capital firms.


Yet, raising your own fund is painful, especially for emerging fund managers. Using your network, getting help from a placement agent or exhausting Pitchbook is often not enough.

We want to address this pain point by finding ways to be helpful to fund managers. We are not placement agents.

How we can help you raise your fund


Opportunities to meet Family Offices and Limited Partners at our Funding Venture conference in London.


Provide best-in-class guidance on fundraising for emerging fund managers.


Publishing reports on the VC - LP ecosystem such as our Capital Behind Benture Report.


Organise intimate Family Offices workshops on specific themes and areas of interest.

Funding Venture

The Funding Venture Initiatives

The Capital Behind Venture

We launched a report aimed at collecting insights from Limited Partners and Family Offices that invest in the next generation of European Venture Capital funds.

Download the report here for insights on how over 60 Limited Partners are investing in VC funds, and how they assess opportunities.

Our next LP report on VC Fund of Funds is coming out in Q3 2023!

The Funding Venture Conference

We host an annual event in Central London for Limited Partners and Family Offices interested in meeting 20 high-calibre

emerging fund managers (Fund I, II and III). The day involves a programme of panel discussions, curated round tables and networking opportunities with like-minded investors.

Our next conference is being held on Tuesday 10th October 2023.

Our community

Join our community of VCs, LPs and Family offices. We host regular roundtables, dinners and community events to discuss recent trends in the industry, network and exchange industry insights.

The team is awesome. Quality deal flow, impressive contact list and the team behind the best conference of the year we attended last year. They helped us raise funds, and introduced us to some of our best performing companies. Genuine value add for GPs, LPs and companies.

Wouter Volckaert,

6 Degrees Capital

Mountside Ventures is a one kind platform that allows emerging VCs to build a long lasting relationships with some of the best and most openminded LPs

Adam Niewinski

OTB Ventures

The whole team at Mountside are providing enormous value to the startups they work with, as well as VCs such as eCAPITAL. They are very well networked, specifically among European tech investors, VCs and LPs alike. And they are fun to work with.

Dirk Seewald,


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